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Sam Fulton

Sam Fulton


Sam Fulton is the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors at Boats Group, which operates the world’s largest and most popular recreational boating online marketplaces – Boat Trader, YachtWorld, boats.com and CosasDeBarcos.

As CEO at Boats Group, Sam leads the company towards its vision of creating a world-class shopping experience for boats. With his global perspective, the technology-minded Fulton has a passion for driving industry-leading value for consumers and industry partners each and every day.

Sam’s career has focused on the travel and retail industries with a highlight on leveraging technology to improve the shopping experience for consumers and delivering value to merchant partners. Sam launched his career with Orbitz Worldwide where he held several key positions, the most recent as SVP US Consumer Travel and President at Orbitz.com. There, he streamlined the millions of options available for buying airline tickets and hotel rooms to create an easy, hassle-free experience for travelers around the world.

Though Sam’s experience in boating hit its peak in 1997 when he received the US Sailing Certification for Keelboats, he went on to become a 1st Kyu brown belt in Shotokan Karate and gets his adventure fix on the slopes! But, the team at Boats Group is pretty confident that being surrounded by over 400,000 boats every day will get him back on the water pretty quickly…

Sam is a graduate of the University of Denver with a BS in Finance and Marketing.

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