Boat Trader Joins Local Boaters to Tour America’s Boating Towns in New Video Series — Cape Cod’s ‘Tin Boat Mafia’ Featured in Debut Episode

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Boat Trader, News

Stomping Grounds recognizes and celebrates the diversity of boaters from coast-to-coast

From Boat Trader, America’s largest boating marketplace, comes Stomping Grounds, a documentary-style video series on YouTube that explores our nation’s waterways and cherished boating towns. The series sets out to uncover unique cultures, histories and traditions, and capture the boating stories behind them. Released everywhere on social media today, Boat Trader debuted the official trailer and initial full-length episode. Stomping Grounds’ first stop is Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to meet a group affectionately referred to as the “Tin Boat Mafia.” With new content premiering every month, each segment gives viewers a new look at the diversity of life on the water. 

Stomping Grounds

The inaugural episode features a tight-knit, family-oriented group of aluminum boat owners who reflect on the merits of turning to their beloved waterways as a means of staying socially connected during these pandemic times. From fishing and surfing to sun bathing and building driftwood masterpieces, this episode chronicles the gang’s passion for the water and demonstrates why light-weight, easy-to-handle, shallow water fishing boats are their vessels of choice.

TRACKER® is highlighted as a manufacturer of outstanding aluminum fishing boats, with a 2021 SUPER GUIDE™ V-16 SC fishing boat featured throughout the episode.

“Coming out of a winter season like no other, the show debuts at a time when restless boaters are clamoring to return to their favorite stomping grounds,” says the series director and host Ryan McVinney. “Each story takes a ‘local’s’ approach to exploring a variety of boats and boating styles in distinct boating towns – from quiet nooks and isolated areas to popular destinations and historic locales. The series weaves together local legends and boating tales, showcasing not only why certain craft are ideal for specific waters, but also demonstrating their real-world capabilities.”

With a series float plan underway to explore a mix of locally-prized places in depth, viewers can look forward to learning about a wide variety of boaters across America. Up ahead, there is a trip to the Florida Keys to meet a banker turned backcountry fishing guide, a visit to North Carolina to follow a family’s journey from Hollywood to the Outer Banks, and exciting adventures in Texas, Oklahoma, Maine, Alaska and other treasured homeports.

The trailer and first episode of Stomping Grounds are now available on YouTube. Watchers can subscribe to receive alerts for each new episode released. To view America’s largest inventory of new and used boats, visit Fans can also follow @BoatTraderUSA on Instagram for behind-the-scenes shots of production. 

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