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Boat Trader Q1 Updates

May 8, 2024

What’s New

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Clean & Modern Design

We’ve updated the color scheme to create a cleaner, more user-friendly experience. The key action buttons shoppers need are still easy to find, with bright blue highlighting primary actions and sleek white/blue for secondary options. This streamlined design helps shoppers navigate the site seamlessly and spend more time browsing your boats.

Hero Image Upgrades

The main images on boat detail pages are now larger and more consistent, giving shoppers a stunning first impression of each boat. Plus, we’ve added key data points with handy icons right at the top of the page. This lets shoppers quickly see important details and captures their attention without hassle. These changes have already boosted email conversions by 13% – that’s the power of easy-to-access information!
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Localized Search, More Relevant Results

We’ve updated the default search radius to show shoppers more relevant listings closer to their location. Whether they’re browsing the homepage or search results, they’ll see boats that are a better fit geographically. If they’re looking for boats outside of their local market, they can easily adjust the radius to match their specific needs.

Keeping Shoppers Focused on Your Boats

We’ve removed all network ad placements on the Boat Trader app earlier this year, meaning the app is completely free of external and pop-up ads! The only ads buyers will see are your Hero and companion ads, keeping the shopper focused on their purchase journey. Since making this change at the end of January, we have seen a 50% increase in Leads!
Boat Trader app

The Results Speak for Themselves

With the Boat Trader app updates going live at the same time as the search results page listing cards improvements, we’ve already recorded a 50% increase in leads per session, 17% increase in click-through-rates to boat details pages from search results, and a 15% increase in average engagement time per session compared to 2023!

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