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Use Branding Solutions to bring customers who are shopping for your boats – in your area – to your website.
Boats Group Branding Solutions

Target the Most Qualified Audience

Geo Targeting
Geo Targeting Icon

Geographical Targeting

More than a third of boat shoppers visit the dealer/broker to initiate contact, so reaching customers in their locale is the first step to increasing those walk-ins. Put your business in front of local in-market buyers and drive them to your website – and to your front door.
Source: Consumer Research for Boats Group, Stax.
Class Container Targeting

Class Container Targeting

72% of boat shoppers start their search by class/type. Put your business in front of this audience based on the class they’re searching for. This targeting option allows you to influence purchase decisions and take market share from your competitors.
Source: Consumer Research for Boats Group, SimpleFocus.
Class Container Targeting
Brand Retargeting
Brand Retargeting

Brand Retargeting Add-On

It takes multiple visits before a shopper is ready to submit a lead. Recapture these in-market shoppers by advertising to them across the internet after they leave your site.

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