Boats Group partners with Boatbound, investing in sharing economy

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Boats Group, News

A Survivor’s Guide to Boat Sharing with BoatboundWe’ve been watching the development of peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace for a couple of years now and came to the conclusion that it has great potential to make boating more accessible and more popular. Why not support the idea, our thinking went, by bringing to bear the power of our hugely popular websites—5-million-plus visitors per month—and see if we could really give the concept a boost?

At the end of April, we announced an exclusive partnership with marketplace leader, Boatbound. You can read the press release here, but the short story is that we felt Boatbound was well-financed and well-positioned to deliver on the concept. We felt we could provide strong promotion to our audience. And, through our dealer and broker members, we can show many who are uncertain about investing in a boat that renting their boat part-time could bring the purchase within reach.

For a view of both sides of this new type of boat rental, see our story: A Survivor’s Guide to Boat Sharing with Boatbound.

And if you want to see what boats are on offer in your area right now, head on over to Boatbound