Improved YachtWorld Search

Apr 19, 2024

Shoppers See More, Find Faster.

YachtWorld search

3-Column Search

Our new Search Results Page shows shoppers more listings at a glance, with a cleaner presentation and key details highlighted for quick browsing.

Revamped Boat Detail Pages

Updated desktop and mobile views offer a sleek, modern look. Shoppers enjoy larger, clearer images, a streamlined contact form, and essential boat info right at the top of the page.
YachtWorld BDP
YachtWorld mobile filtering

Mobile-Friendly Filtering

The mobile filter bar has moved to the top of the Search Results Page for easier on-the-go searching. Plus, YachtWorld now offers “Save Search” for shoppers in the U.S. to get alerts about boat listings they’re interested in (coming to International shoppers soon)!

Enhanced Sponsored Listings

New options to get your boat more shopper attention! Featured Boats offer an exact match for shoppers’ search criteria, while Sponsored Boats ensure high visibility within relevant results.
YachtWorld Sponsored/Featured Boats

The Results Speak for Themselves

These updates are already driving a 56% increase in conversions compared to 2023! We’re committed to continuous improvement throughout the year, giving you even more quality leads.

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