Award-Winning Editorial Staff

Each month, more than half a million unique visitors on Boats Group websites read and watch the nearly 1,500 stories and videos produced annually by our content team. With material ranging from boat reviews, how-to and maintenance stories, to a variety of destination and lifestyle features, the Boats Group content team has led the market in their exploration of all things boating. Our award-winning editorial staff are located around the world and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, allowing them to cover a diverse range of marine categories. Concentrated primarily on Boats Group’s media flagship site — boats.com — our team of experts and enthusiasts produces new content on a daily basis. Visit boats.com to get your feet wet with the greatest reading and viewing material the boating industry has to offer.

Video Boat Reviews

Boats Group’s extensive Video Boat Review series employs professional video production crews and a host of specialists to provide in-depth, expert reviews of a wide range of boats. Reviews include on the water trials and full analysis of engines, features and specs.

Ready When You Are

Monthly newsletter emails and active social media coverage for all three portals ensure our audience are up to date with the latest boating news, delivered directly to their inboxes.

Expert Editors

Located both in North America and Europe, senior editorial team members have decades of experience as chief editors of major
marine magazines.

Global Coverage

Editorial content on boats.com appears in four languages, including US and UK English, German and Spanish.