Who is Boats Group?

The boats we own tell the story of our lives. That’s why the Boats Group brands are structured to support boaters throughout their boating lifecycle– from it’s party pontoons, to family-fishing boats, to retirement yachts. We have an active annual audience of over 65 million affluent boaters, with interests that extend across the water and beyond.


Over 65 million boaters shop on Boats Group sites every year. That’s more boaters than the total readership of all US boating magazines.


While print ads build brand recognition, digital ads build relationships. Our team of design experts can help you develop advertisements that act as invitations to actually engage with your brand, driving the end-results your business is looking for.


Put your money where your audience is. Is your product perfect for young families in the midwest? Hoping to target Italian buyers in the $2 million net worth range? We have over 2,000 targeting options that eliminate audience guesswork.

High ROI

The average CPM of a magazine ad is $64; with Boats Group, it’s $10. In addition to being cost effective, we can calculate exactly how many people see your advertisement and how many engage with it, providing clear-cut results and return on your investment.


In the middle of a campaign and want to run a mobile promotion to your local market instead? With digital ads, we can help you adjust your artwork, messaging, and ad placement to reflect your latest business needs.