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What We Do

We Are the Comprehensive Marketplace for Boat Buyers and Sellers

For nearly three decades, Boats Group has helped marine retailers sell more boats faster and convert more shoppers into buyers than any other source. Through a comprehensive suite of the most popular marketplaces, digital business solutions, and premier digital marketing strategies and services, Boats Group continues get the world on the water.

Who We Are

Seasoned Sailors and Landlubbers

We are a global team of seasoned sailors, mindful mariners, and landlubbers alike with a shared passion and commitment to getting the world on the water. We are creatives, UX designers, programmers, sales gurus, and data junkies. We are foodies, gamers, salsa dancers, runners, calligraphers, yogis, craft beer enthusiasts, and more! We are driven, innovative, and collaborative, encouraging each other to grow and tap into their true potential.

Life Aboard Boats Group

Career Advancement

Embark on a journey of professional growth with our unique career opportunities. Whether conquering new challenges or ascending through the ranks, our dedicated crew is consistently expanding their skill set. Through immersive hands-on experiences, tailor-made in-house training, and a comprehensive professional reimbursement program, we provide abundant opportunities for career development.

Meaningful Connections

Forge authentic bonds with your colleagues within our close-knit community. From dedicated time for meaningful connections to collective volunteering efforts and collaborative problem-solving, we navigate challenges hand in hand. Our commitment is to cultivate genuine relationships, fostering support both within and beyond the office.

Dynamic & Energizing Atmosphere

Experience the thrill of a dynamic, fast-paced environment where efficiency reigns supreme. Every team member plays a pivotal role in propelling the company’s success, channeling focus towards innovation in every facet of our operations.

Our Values

Our Compass to Navigate and Succeed

Boats Group strives to point our customers, consumers, and industry partners in the right direction and serve as the ultimate guide for getting the world on the water. We developed our core values based on this same spirit to help our employees operate individually, as a team, and as a company.

Our Core Values Compass help our teams navigate and succeed. This compass guides you in the right direction of our company’s core values of Focus, Integrity, Relationships, and Energy.

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We are focused on technology, developing sound strategies and ensuring that we are accountable for each step that it takes to achieve greatness.

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We value relationships with our colleagues, customers, and the community. Our success relies upon our ability to connect with a diverse group of people and collaborate constantly.

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We derive energy by loving what we do. We direct our energy to produce results, which, in turn, allows our company and our careers to grow.

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We foster an environment and company culture that values the importance of respect, trust, and transparency.

Perks & Benefits

At Boats Group, we take pride in offering our esteemed crew an extensive array of perks and benefits that elevate your work experience.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

For our US-based crew members, we provide top-tier medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, while our international crew members enjoy comprehensive medical coverage.

Work-Life Balance

We highly prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Your paid time off (PTO) not only refreshes annually but also grows alongside your journey with us—take it whenever you need it!

Global Celebrations

Our offices close for various holidays throughout the year, offering all employees the opportunity to savor extra time at the year’s end.

Financial Well-being

US crew members benefit from a robust 401k plan with a generous company match, while our European crew members enjoy excellent pension plans.

Wellness Support

Avail short-term and long-term disability coverage, complemented by robust Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offerings.

Office Oasis

Our workspaces boast fully stocked kitchens, stunning waterfront views, and diverse collaboration spaces with electric sit/stand desks, ensuring an inspiring work setting.

Team Unity

As a close-knit team, we value relationships. We carve out dedicated time to foster genuine connections, ensuring a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Investing in You

We empower employees to pursue personal goals by contributing to educational and professional development opportunities.

Tech Treasures

Receive a shiny new laptop, a large second monitor, and an array of office accessories for optimal productivity.

Birthday Bliss

Never spend your birthday at work. Enjoy a paid day off as our gift to celebrate you!

Doing Our Part

We are passionate about volunteering and giving back to our community. We provide all employees with up to 32 paid time off hours each year to give back to their community. In addition, we volunteer together for a variety of causes. We’ve cleaned up beaches, worked at local food banks, gathered and packaged supplies for hurricane-impacted areas, built bikes for local children groups, and more!

Don’t Just Take our Word for It

Here’s What Our Crew Members Say

Carla V.

Financial Manager
Barcelona, Spain

“My experience with BG has been a great professional opportunity from day one, I haven’t stopped learning and growing both professionally and personally. It is very rewarding to work for a company that values you and shows you that it is a great family. BG trusted me and one of my challenges is to not disappoint, try harder every day, and bring out the best in me. I am very happy working here, thanks to the colleagues from all the offices and the work I do.”

Carlos R.

Key Account Manager
Miami, Florida

“The culture at Boats Group is awesome, I love working in such a fast paced environment that is focused on technological innovation, alongside people who are always willing to help each other get the job done. The management team is invested in my professional growth and I feel like they value me, not just as an employee but as a person. The company has a supportive environment, and as a result I feel I’ve grown so much professionally and personally.”

Asya C.

Lead FSBO Agent
Miami, Florida

“Working at Boats Group is exciting and fast-paced with so many great people you get to encounter day to day. Every day, I learn something new from my colleagues, and face new and exciting challenges. It’s a rewarding experience to know that this company cares about its employees and treats you like family.”

Sam P.

Data Product Manager
Miami, Florida

“Boats Group has ensured that I perform to the best of my abilities, whether reinforcing existing skills or making sure that I develop new ones. They are responsible for a ton of personal and professional growth over my five years here.”

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We are looking for big thinkers, risk takers, and industry disruptors. We believe in integrating diverse talents as every crew member of Boats Group brings a unique expertise to our expanding team. If you are committed to innovation and a desire to provide exceptional customer support, then we want to hear from you!