A New Kind of Video Has Launched: Boats Group Tells the Celebrated Stories of People and Boating

by | May 24, 2021 | Boat Trader, News

The way Boats Group – the Miami-based parent company behind Boat Trader, YachtWorld and boats.com – sees it, boating should stay on the upswing for the long term. That is, as long as consumers have a positive purchase experience and their time spent on the water with family and friends continues to deliver happiness. To support those deep-rooted dependencies, Boats Group has kicked off a plan to explore trendsetting content that celebrates water lovers and invites new boaters to the industry with real-life stories that share the wide range of boating experiences.


Boats Group has witnessed the surge in boaters over the past year, seeing the rate of its lead conversion climb to 17.5%, meaning that 1 out of every 6 leads converts to a boat sale. Since most boat buyers start their purchase journey on a Boats Group site, their brands have an unmatched connection with their audience and are passionate about cultivating that relationship throughout the lifecycle of boat ownership. And they’re doing it in a reimagined way–with relatable video series that tell real-life boating stories, capturing the essence of what makes our industry so special. 


Because who better to tell the boating tales from the bayou or about days spent on the sandbar than real boaters? Add to that, advocating for cleaner boating grounds everywhere.


Celebrating Local Boaters & Traditions on the Water

As the surge of boaters clamor to get on the water, Boat Trader has debuted a new documentary-style video series on YouTube called “Stomping Grounds.” With local legends setting the record straight on boat lore, the series reveals longtime traditions and showcases not only why certain craft are ideal for specific waters, but demonstrates their real-world capabilities.



The first episode ventured to Cape Cod and introduced a close-knit group of boaters affectionately referred to as the “Tin Boat Mafia.” From fishing and surfing to sun bathing, the filming captures their coastal lifestyle and depicts why light-weight fishing boats are their vessels of choice. Tracker Boats is highlighted as a leading manufacturer, with a 2021 SUPER GUIDE™ V-16 SC fishing boat featured throughout the episode.


“Stomping Grounds” fans can look forward to more upcoming trips to meet local boaters, their boats, and crew — a banker turned backcountry fishing guide, a renowned conservationist, a music artist, and others.


‘Trash Talking’ with #CleanWake

Boats Group also sees the influx of new enthusiasts as an opportunity for cleaner rivers, lakes and oceans. That’s why Boat Trader has introduced #CleanWake, an Instagram challenge and awareness campaign that pushes the importance of picking up trash, as well as spotlight boaters removing marine debris.


The campaign encourages Instagram users to “talk trash” and tag @BoatTraderUSA and #CleanWake in posts with the most unexpected pieces of trash they find. Every post has the chance to be rewarded with eco-minded boating gear.



As part of the initiative, Boat Trader has teamed up with experts across the boating and marine conservation world to share timely eco-friendly boating tips through a series of guest editorials. With quick growing support coming from boating influencers and regional cleanup groups, the campaign has people across the globe accepting the challenge to “talk trash.”


A New Reason to Love Fridays

The “Factory Fridays” series by boats.com could be described as an all-access pass to explore top brands that deliver happiness to boaters. Plus a behind-the-scenes peek at the extraordinary craftsmanship, latest boat building techniques and materials used. 



The series is well underway and began with a tour of the 7.5-acre Intrepid Powerboats facility, where boats.com’s Marilyn DeMartini revealed Intrepid’s unique world of collaborative design, precision construction and hand-crafted customization. Viewers have also experienced the world-class boat building shop where SeaHunter constructs their signature hulls and a start-to-finish look at the production of classic brand Chris-Craft Boats. 


Coming Soon

New episodes of Stomping Grounds and Factory Fridays are in production now, and new series like YachtWorld’s “Cult Classics” are being produced, celebrating the boats that have built a fanbase and the people who love them. 


Subscribe to each series on YouTube and join the thousands of boaters who are raving about the original video series that celebrate boats, builders and boaters. For more information, contact Jenny Burkett, senior PR manager, at press@boats.com.