Customer Spotlight: Media Yachts International Srl

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Boats Group, News, Testimonials

Alessandro Angius
Alessandro Angius, Media Yachts International CEO & Founder, accepts an award at the 2024 Le Fonti Awards

Media Yachts International is a prominent brokerage in the European maritime industry, headquartered in Italy with additional bases in Switzerland and Turkey, targeting markets across Italy and the wider EU region. Boats Group spoke to CEO & founder Alessandro Angius to learn about his experience as a YachtWorld SELECT customer with Boats Group.

Tell us about Media Yachts International

Alessandro Angius: Media Yachts International offers clients a comprehensive range of Yacht Brokerage services, from Yacht Sales, Purchases and Charter, to Maintenance and Management. With over 20 years of experience, we guide clients through every step of yacht ownership, from market research and valuation to negotiations and handling legal and financial aspects. Our tailored approach ensures that each client’s specific requirements are met, providing peace of mind through our comprehensive services.

We were delighted to be recognised in May this year with an “Excellence of the Year” Award in the Yachting Boutique category at the annual Le Fonti Awards, which recognise corporate excellence in business innovation, leadership, and technological achievement. The selection process, led by the Le Fonti editorial team and scientific commmittee, specifically recognised our “Tailor-Made Yachting Services” and the full consultancy in the construction of a semi-custom 34m yacht by an Italian shipyard. This accolade acknowledges our leadership in bespoke customer solutions in the luxury yacht market, from project selection and shipyard choice to acting as Owner’s Representative during the design and construction phases. 

Which Boats Group package are you subscribed to?

Since April of this year we have been on the YachtWorld SELECT package, with 20 premium yachts listed across various European marketplaces.

Which advanced digital tools do you find most valuable for your business and why?

I find several digital tools included in the YachtWorld SELECT package valuable for our business. LeadSmart Premium is crucial as it allows us to assess client behavior, helping us verify serious buyers and screen out less promising prospects, especially those who have previously inquired about non-comparable boats. 

SoldBoats is another invaluable tool for us, which we use to track the flow of the market across the whole purchase journey, from initial asking prices to final closing prices. The insights provided are useful for understanding the timing of sales, any reductions of the asking price for a brand, or if a special model of a boat has been sold.

Our use of Featured Boats and Sponsored Boats helps to accelerate the sale of yachts listed in a central agency or those we know would sell in a shorter time due to an attractive price or being a popular model. This not only boosts sales but also grows our brand awareness in the market. 

We also use LeadFlow to support integration of leads into our CRM system, and MLS services as part of the YachtWorld SELECT package, as well as Premium Featured Boat, and Display Advertising, in addition to the package.

How has your use of Boats Group platforms and tools contributed to the growth and success of your business?

As a long-time user and one of the first subscribers to the YachtWorld platform over 20 years ago, I have a broad and precise overview of the visibility that Boats Group guarantees to nautical sector companies. 

Since subscribing to the YachtWorld SELECT package, I’ve seen first hand how it has elevated our company’s visibility and brand awareness. We have experienced enhanced listing visibility and increased brand recognition across YachtWorld and all of the European platforms. For instance, a few months ago we also used a display advertising campaign to push the sale of a 37m yacht that was sold thanks to the continuous advertising and visibility across the YachtWorld and iNautia websites. We look forward to leveraging these tools further to achieve even greater success in the future.