Talking ‘Stomping Grounds’ With Power & Motoryacht Podcast

by | May 4, 2022 | Boat Trader, News

The latest episode from the Power & Motoryacht Podcast takes a deep dive into the inspiration of Stomping Grounds by Boat Trader. Power & Motoryacht Magazine’s senior editor, Simon Murray, chats with series creator, Ryan McVinney, about developing the stories behind boating culture and even reveals a few upcoming episode teasers.


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About Stomping Grounds by Boat Trader
From the bayou to the Rocky Mountains, and the depths of the Pacific to the sandbars of New England, Stomping Grounds is a new video series from Boat Trader that features boaters across America showcasing why they love their boat and what features make it the perfect vessel for their neck of the woods.


Each episode of Stomping Grounds takes a documentary-style approach to exploring a new geographic locale, delving into the local boating styles, traditions and stories that are unique to the area. Host Ryan McVinney interviews boaters about their local culture, history and the types of vessels that they use, exploring what key features make them the ideal watercraft for their purposes.